February 23, 2017 Retire in Belize – How we can help you

A while ago I joined Nick Blair on “The Money Champ” to talk about my journey as an entrepreneur. Yes, the full story starting with dropping out of high school and finishing up where I am today. We especially discussed my experiences in Caribbean real

August 19, 2016 How to select a celebrity spokesperson

Since I partnered up with Dennis Rodman in the fall of 2013 to create “Dennis Rodman’s Bad Ass Vodka”, I have been speaking with many entrepreneurs and different organizations that all have one thing in common – they want to harness the power of a

August 19, 2016 How procrastinating helps me win in business

“Hi, my name is Andreas, and I’m a procrastinator”. Yes, just like with other far more serious ailments, it took me a little while (actually, in the mind of a procrastinator, a long time..) to realize that I’m not one of those guys who will ever