U.S. Property Turnkey Services

Mr. Johansson has for years been very active in what he considers the best markets across the country – the ones that offers a low purchase price coupled with high rental income. These investments are not for everyone, but when managed right they provide returns that are hard to find elsewhere.

Andreas’ specialty is in creating a local network of brokers, wholesalers, as well as property managers, who can both provide fantastic deals as well as making sure the properties are managed right to ensure the best possible chance of a high return on investment. Using his great network of sales agents and partners, these properties are then sold to investors across the world.


Mr. Johansson also works directly with a small group of high net worth investors and buyers from across the globe, who are looking for properties that fit these parameters. Please feel free to Contact Us for a no obligation consultation as to what your needs are.
Andreas has also been involved in many other aspects of U.S. real estate investments – syndicating a large deal to buy a property in the Tampa area that sold to a nationwide builder, “flipping” houses in high-end areas across the country, buying $10M per year in residential land on behalf of foreign retirement funds, as well as many other aspects.