Andreas B. Johansson is an entrepreneur with very wide-ranging experience across multiple sectors and industries. Having spent most of his career focused primarily on real estate, Andreas also has experience within the consumer- and retail space, and is also the owner of a professional sports team – the Watertown Wolves of the FPHL.

While Andreas built his network and experience as the CEO of the Berkovitz Development Group, as well as a private investor in real estate, his first high profile enterprise was his partnership with friend and business partner Dennis Rodman, which led to the creation of “Dennis Rodman’s Bad Ass Vodka”, which went on to sell both nationwide as well as internationally.

Mr. Johansson and his companies has become a trusted partner for investment funds and real estate investment companies, who are looking to take advantage on opportunities both in the U.S. and abroad. Throughout his career, Andreas firm has bought and sold thousands of individual properties across the U.S. and has a very extensive network for sourcing- and completing transactions.

Andreas also has had some very positive media experiences – during the “Rodman Vodka” years, Andreas was a co-host of Hotmixology on Fusion TV, and is a weekly feature on TV in New York State, as the owner of a minor league professional franchise.

He has also been fortunate to work together with some of the most famous and successful athletes in the world, and has been an advisor on several endorsement deals and advised on the best way to use the “power” of a celebrity to build your brand.

Outside of his own enterprises, Andreas is also a board member or advisor to several emerging- and more established companies, who can benefit from his rolodex of contacts and experience.