Andreas has spent his whole professional career in the real estate industry, and has a wealth of experience to draw from. He started out at a young age by doing consulting work for a luxury developer who was looking to build a sales network across Europe. Using his connections, Mr. Johansson recruited a number of high quality local real estate professionals to represent the developer, thereby starting to build his own network of sales agents for the future.

After gaining valuable experience selling Caribbean real estate to clients from all across the world, Andreas returned to focus on the U.S. markets full time. As the recession was now in full force, Mr. Johansson realized that the money wasn’t to be made in high-end areas any more, but instead he set out to create a “high rental income” program, by spending significant time setting up relationships with banks, agents, and property managers in cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis and St Louis.
When others were struggling, Mr. Johansson managed to sell in excess of $10M a year of high yielding properties, by using his contacts in the industry which had allowed him to build a large network of high performing sales agents and representatives across the world. This simply was a case of the right product, at the right time – there simply wasn’t any appetite for higher priced properties, but consumers loved to buy these high-income properties, with very low purchase prices.

Andreas has been through the entire process of taking a new project from start to finish, and has a lot of experience in creating marketing collateral, drafting investment proposals, and knows how to create a full sales and marketing package.

Mr. Johansson has worked with several large retirement funds and syndicates, and structured acquisitions for anything from $100K up to $50M, and everything in between. Foreign retirement funds are often heavily restricted in what they can buy, so Andreas worked with them on finding a product that would pass all regulatory requirements (in this care, residential land lots) and still also meet all the guidelines for investment.
Mr. Johansson also has experience working within SEC guidelines and can advise companies looking to take advantage of raising money publicly, whether that is through a public listing of the company, Regulation S fund raising, or using the new Regulation A+.

Through his connections in the athlete- and “celebrity” world, Andreas also works with several high profile athletes and other celebrities on their investment strategies and actively help them achieve their investment goals.

Mr. Johansson has for years been very active in what he considers the best markets across the country – the ones that offers a low purchase price coupled with high rental income. These investments are not for everyone, but when managed right they provide returns that are hard to find elsewhere.

Andreas’ specialty is in creating a local network of brokers, wholesalers, as well as property managers, who can both provide fantastic deals as well as making sure the properties are managed right to ensure the best possible chance of a high return on investment. Using his great network of sales agents and partners, these properties are then sold to investors across the world.