February 28, 2019 Change Your Habits – Make more money

Change your habits, and stop following the herd - it's the only way you can really get to the next level! We live in a society where “hustling” is the norm. The more you hustle, and the busier you are, the more successful you are, at

February 6, 2018 Working with Athletes – Wealth Scene:

Because of my experience working with athletes, I recently agreed to do a feature interview with “The Wealth Scene” (http://www.thewealthscene.com/interviews-entrepreneurs/andreas-johansson-ceo-of-berkovitz-development-group-belize-ltd/) a UK based magazine that focuses on entrepreneurs and real estate developers who have an interesting story to tell. The main topic of the interview

October 17, 2017 The Kaizen Effect – a dramatic life hack:

The Kaizen Effect, or "the rule of continuous improvement" as it's also known, was first introduced to me a few years back by one of my athlete clients. Looking back on things today, it's safe to say that it profoundly changed my life for the

August 1, 2017 How to manage properties – creating cash flow:

How to manage properties and being able to create- and maintain a positive cash flow from your rental portfolio is one of the questions I get the most. As you may have read elsewhere, we are a big provider of high-yielding rental properties to investors

July 18, 2017 Top Places to retire for expats:

I recently joined Brian O’Connell of thestreet.com to discuss the Top places to retire for expats, especially those coming from the U.S. and Canada. Belize, and especially the Corozal District, has a lot to offer retirees from outside of the country, which is why it was

May 30, 2017 E2 Visa – How does it work?

The E2 Visa is also known as the “treaty investor” visa. It is a non-immigrant visa, that affords the primary visa holder and immediate family (spouse and children under 21) the opportunity to relocate to the United States. The visa is classified as “non-immigrant” (no direct

April 13, 2017 Caribbean Real Estate and “Positive Phil”:

The Caribbean real estate markets, along with my involvement with celebrity brands were the primary topics we were discussing when I joined the  “Positive Phil” Podcast a few weeks ago. If you are interested in listening to the interview, you can find it by following this link:

March 24, 2017 Cleveland Real Estate – A unique opportunity:

Cleveland real estate might not be the first thing to come to mind when you are considering what to do with your money. There are however opportunities, and I have been meaning to write a post to outline my experiences in the market. Over the years, I have

March 9, 2017 A Belize Condo as an investment:

A Belize condo might make for an excellent investment, and I wanted to show you why you might want to consider it – using our own “The Diplomat” building as an example. Our oceanfront condo building is under construction right now. It's being built along the

March 3, 2017 Celebrity Brands – where are they today?

In this article, I wanted to take a look at some well known celebrity brands, and see where they are today. Some of these will be quite recent, while others go back some time and can almost be considered “pioneers” of the trend of using